La Chiripa, El Salvador


Water at your fingertips

Plagued with no potable water infrastructure, the residents of the rural La Chiripa community in El Salvador have to carry water from miles away every day often from contaminated water sources.  EWB-Alamo has teamed up with this community to build 24 rainwater catchment systems in hopes of improving health conditions and quality of life.

EWB-ALAMO Making a Difference

The project began with the first implementation trip in May 2012 with a team of 7 volunteers.  Since then, we have returned two more times and completed a total of 13 systems.  Recently, The chapter built 6 new systems on our february 2017 trip. we hope to complete the entire project in late 2018 with the final 5 systems.

FundraisiNg for la chiripa

If you are interested in supporting this project with a donation, please check out our Water for La Chiripa fundraising page.